Penetration Testing

Disk Group Privilege Escalation

Jenkins Penetration Testing

Tomcat Penetration Testing

A Detailed Guide on RustScan

Best Alternative of Netcat Listener

64-bit Linux Assembly and Shellcoding

A Detailed Guide on Ligolo-Ng

Easy way to Generate Reverse Shell

Firefox Addons for Pentesting

Python Serialization Vulnerabilities – Pickle

Containers Vulnerability Scanner: Trivy

A Detailed Guide on Responder (LLMNR Poisoning)

A Detailed Guide on Cewl

A Detailed Guide on Crunch

Linux Privilege Escalation: DirtyPipe (CVE 2022-0847)

A Detailed Guide on Wfuzz

Windows Privilege Escalation: PrintNightmare

Windows Privilege Escalation: SpoolFool

Linux Privilege Escalation: PwnKit (CVE 2021-4034)

Linux Privilege Escalation: Polkit (CVE 2021-3560)

Multiple Files to Capture NTLM Hashes: NTLM Theft

Windows Privilege Escalation: sAMAccountName Spoofing

A Detailed Guide on Log4J Penetration Testing

PowerShell for Pentester: Windows Reverse Shell

Msfvenom Cheatsheet: Windows Exploitation

Powercat for Pentester

Windows Privilege Escalation: Kernel Exploit

Windows Privilege Escalation: Scheduled Task/Job (T1573.005)

Windows Privilege Escalation: HiveNightmare

Windows Privilege Escalation: Logon Autostart Execution (Registry Run Keys)

Windows Privilege Escalation: Boot Logon Autostart Execution (Startup Folder)

Windows Privilege Escalation: Stored Credentials (Runas)

Windows Privilege Escalation: Weak Registry Permission

Windows Privilege Escalation: Unquoted Service Path

Windows Privilege Escalation: Insecure GUI Application

Windows Privilege Escalation: Weak Services Permission

Windows Privilege Escalation (AlwaysInstallElevated)

Windows Privilege Escalation: DnsAdmins to DomainAdmin

MSSQL for Pentester: Extracting Juicy Information

MSSQL for Pentester: Command Execution with Extended Stored Procedures

MSSQL for Pentester: Hashing

MSSQL for Pentester: Stored Procedures Persistence

MSSQL for Pentester: Abusing Linked Database

MSSQL for Pentester: Abusing Trustworthy

MSSQL for Pentester: Command Execution with External Scripts

MSSQL for Pentester: Impersonate

MSSQL for Pentester: Metasploit

MSSQL for Pentester: Command Execution with CLR Assembly

MSSQL for Pentester: Command Execution with Ole Automation

MSSQL for Pentester: Discovery

MSSQL for Pentester: Command Execution with xp_cmdshell

MSSQL for Pentester: Nmap

Penetration Testing Lab Setup:MS-SQL

Windows Privilege Escalation: SeImpersonatePrivilege

Metasploit for Pentester: Creds

Metasploit for Pentester: Windows Hidden Bind Shell

Metasploit for Pentester: Migrate

Metasploit for Pentester: Inject Payload into Executable

Metasploit for Pentester: Clipboard

Metasploit for Pentester: Database & Workspace

Metasploit for Pentester: Sessions

Wireless Penetration Testing: SSID Discovery

Wireless Penetration Testing: Wifipumpkin3

Wireless Penetration Testing: Wifite

Wireless Penetration Testing: Bettercap

Wireless Penetration Testing: Aircrack-ng

Wireless Penetration Testing: Fluxion

Wireless Penetration Testing: Airgeddon

Wireless Penetration Testing: Detect Hidden SSID

Wireless Penetration Testing: PMKID Attack

Wireless Penetration Testing: Password Cracking

Wireless Penetration Testing: Fern

VNC Penetration Testing

Remote Desktop Penetration Testing (Port 3389)

Anonymous Logins for Pentesters

A Beginner’s Guide to Buffer Overflow

Wireshark for Pentester: Decrypting RDP Traffic

Windows Privilege Escalation: SeBackupPrivilege

Wireshark for Pentester: Password Sniffing

Wireshark For Pentester: A Beginner’s Guide

Metasploit for Pentester: Mimikatz

Encrypted Reverse Shell for Pentester

Wordlists for Pentester

Comprehensive Guide to AutoRecon

Thick Client Penetration Testing on DVTA

Thick Client Penetration Testing: Traffic Analysis

File Transfer Cheatsheet: Windows and Linux

Linux Privilege Escalation: Automated Script

Window Privilege Escalation: Automated Script

Firefox for Pentester: Hacktool

Android Pentest: Automated Analysis using MobSF

Android Penetration Testing: APK Reversing (Part 2)

Comprehensive Guide on Dirsearch (Part 2)

WebDAV Penetration Testing

Android Penetration Testing: Apk Reverse Engineering

Thick Client Penetration Testing: Information Gathering

Comprehensive Guide on Dirsearch

Android Pentest: Deep Link Exploitation

Android Penetration Testing: WebView Attacks

Thick Client Pentest Lab Setup: DVTA (Part 2)

Android Penetration Testing: Frida

Thick Client Pentest Lab Setup: DVTA

Android Penetration Testing: Drozer

Android Hooking and SSLPinning using Objection Framework

Nmap for Pentester: Host Discovery

Nmap for Pentester: Output Format Scan

Nmap for Pentester: Vulnerability Scan

Android Pentest Lab Setup & ADB Command Cheatsheet

Linux for Beginners: A Small Guide (Part 3)

Linux for Beginners: A Small Guide (Part 2)

Android Application Framework: Beginner’s Guide

Implementation of Firewall Policies :FortiGate (Part 2)

Implementation of Firewall Policies :FortiGate (Part 1)

Password Dumping Cheatsheet: Windows

Linux For Beginners: A Small Guide

Firewall Lab Setup : FortiGate

Comprehensive Guide on Honeypots

Firefox for Pentester: Privacy and Protection Configurations

Firefox for Pentester: Privacy and Protection Add-ons

VULS- An Agentless Vulnerability Scanner

Docker for Pentester: Abusing Docker API

Docker for Pentester: Image Vulnerability Assessment

Docker for Pentester: Pentesting Framework

Penetration Testing on CouchDB (5984)

Firewall Lab Setup: Untangle

Penetration Testing on PostgreSQL (5432)

Penetration Testing on VoIP Asterisk Server (Part 2)

Penetration Testing on VoIP Asterisk Server

Comprehensive Guide on CryptCat

Comprehensive Guide to tcpdump (Part 3)

Comprehensive Guide to tcpdump (Part 2)

Comprehensive Guide to tcpdump (Part 1)

Beginners Guide to TShark (Part 3)

Beginners Guide to TShark (Part 2)

Steal Windows Password using FakeLogonScreen

Beginners Guide to TShark (Part 1)

Multiple Ways to Persistence on Windows 10 with Metasploit

Forensics Investigation of Ping Command

Multiple Ways to Install Kali

Linux for Pentester: Perl Privilege Escalation

Multiple Methods to Bypass Restricted Shell

Docker Installation & Configuration

Linux For Pentester: socat Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: scp Privilege Escalation

Linux For Pentester: tmux Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: ed Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: sed Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: pip Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: git Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: cp Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: Taskset Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: Time Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: xxd Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester : ZIP Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: APT Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: CAT Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: Find Privilege Escalation

Linux for Pentester: Wget Privilege Escalation

Dradis: Reporting and Collaboration Tool

Comprehensive Guide to Steghide Tool

Comprehensive Guide on fcrackzip Tool

Comprehensive Guide on Snort (Part 1)

Comprehensive Guide on Ncrack – A Brute Forcing Tool

Comprehensive Guide on Dymerge

Comprehensive Guide on Pydictor – A wordlist Generating Tool

Comprehensive Guide on Cupp– A wordlist Generating Tool

Comprehensive Guide on Dirbuster Tool

Comprehensive Guide on Gobuster Tool

Comprehensive Guide on Dirb Tool

Comprehensive Guide on Medusa – A Brute Forcing Tool

Comprehensive Guide on Hydra – A Brute Forcing Tool

Comprehensive Guide on SSH Tunnelling

Comprehensive Guide on SearchSploit

Comprehensive Guide on Sniffing

ExifTool : A Meta-Data Extractor


Retina: A Network Scanning Tool

Shellphish: A Phishing Tool

Penetration Testing on Splunk

Evilginx2- Advanced Phishing Attack Framework

Beginner’s Guide to Nexpose

Beginner’s Guide to Nessus

Threat Detection for your Network using Kfsensor Honeypot

Post Exploitation on Saved Password with LaZagne

Penetration Testing on Memcached Server

Exploiting Windows using Contact File HTML Injection/RCE

Exploiting Windows PC using Malicious Contact VCF file

Get Reverse-shell via Windows one-liner

Configure Sqlmap for WEB-GUI in Kali Linux

SMB Penetration Testing (Port 445)

A Little Guide to SMB Enumeration

Defend against Brute Force Attack with Fail2ban

Xerosploit- A Man-In-The-Middle Attack Framework

Meterpreter File System Commands Cheatsheet

Multiple Ways to Secure SSH Port

Multiple Ways to Bypass UAC using Metasploit

Windows Kernel Exploit Privilege Escalation

Multiple ways to Connect Remote PC using SMB Port

Multiple Ways to Get root through Writable File

Penetration Testing on X11 Server

Beginners Guide for John the Ripper (Part 2)

Beginners Guide for John the Ripper (Part 1)

Working of Traceroute using Wireshark

Linux Privilege Escalation: Python Library Hijacking

Linux Privilege Escalation using Capabilities

Lxd Privilege Escalation

Docker Privilege Escalation

Exploiting Wildcard for Privilege Escalation

Linux Privilege Escalation by Exploiting Cron jobs

Linux Privilege Escalation using LD_Preload

Linux Privilege Escalation Using PATH Variable

Linux Privilege Escalation using Misconfigured NFS

Linux Privilege Escalation using Sudo Rights

Linux Privilege Escalation using SUID Binaries

Editing /etc/passwd File for Privilege Escalation

Capture NTLM Hashes using PDF (Bad-Pdf)

SNMP Lab Setup and Penetration Testing

Generating Reverse Shell using Msfvenom (One Liner Payload)

Password Cracking:SNMP

Password Cracking:MS-SQL

Password Cracking:VNC

Password Cracking:PostgreSQL

Password Cracking:MySQL

Password Cracking:SSH

Password Cracking:Telnet

Password Cracking:FTP

Password Cracking:SMB

Bypass SSH Restriction by Port Relay

Port Scanning using Metasploit with IPTables

Understanding Guide to Mimikatz

Manual Post Exploitation on Windows PC (Network Command)

Bind Payload using SFX archive with Trojanizer

Beginner Guide to IPtables

Post Exploitation Using WMIC (System Command)

Bypass Firewall Restrictions with Metasploit (reverse_tcp_allports)

Manual Post Exploitation on Windows PC (System Command)

Understanding Nmap Packet Trace

Nmap Scan with Timing Parameters

Nmap Scans using Hex Value of Flags

Forensic Investigation of Nmap Scan using Wireshark

Nmap for Pentester: Timing Scan

Nmap for Pentester: Ping Scan

Nmap for Pentester: Port Status

How to Detect NMAP Scan Using Snort

Understanding Guide to Nmap Firewall Scan (Part 2)

Understanding Guide to Nmap Firewall Scan (Part 1)

Understanding Nmap Scan with Wireshark 

Nmap for Pentester: Password Cracking

Network Scanning using NMAP (Beginner Guide)

Post Exploitation in Windows using dir Command

How to Configure Suricata IDS in Ubuntu

Detect SQL Injection Attack using Snort IDS

Check Meltdown Vulnerability in CPU

Network Packet Forensic using Wireshark

ICMP Penetration Testing

TCP & UDP Packet Crafting with CatKARAT

DOS Attack with Packet Crafting using Colasoft

Packet Crafting with Colasoft Packet Builder

DHCP Penetration Testing

DOS Attack Penetration Testing (Part 2)

DOS Attack Penetration Testing (Part 1)

Understating Guide of Windows Security Policies and Event Viewer

Post Exploitation for Remote Windows Password

Security Onion Configuration in VMware

IDS, IPS Penetration Testing Lab Setup with Snort (Manaually)

Android Mobile Exploitation with Evil-Droid

Msfvenom Tutorials for Beginners

Exploiting Remote Machine with Pastejacking

Exploiting Windows Machine with DDE Exploit

Wifi Post Exploitation on Remote PC

Beginner Guide to Classic Cryptography

WiFi Exploitation with WifiPhisher

4 Ways to Capture NTLM Hashes in Network

Penetration Testing Lab Setup:Cloud Computing

Penetration Testing Lab Setup: Memcached

Penetration Testing Lab Setup: Microsocks

Penetration Testing Lab Setup: Squid Proxy

Post Exploitation in VMware Files with Meterpreter

Lab Setup for VOIP Penetration Testing

Understanding Guide to ICMP Protocol with Wireshark

Telnet Pivoting through Meterpreter

SSH Pivoting using Meterpreter

VNC Pivoting through Meterpreter

VNC tunnelling over SSH

FTP Pivoting through RDP

RDP Pivoting with Metasploit

FTP Penetration Testing on Windows (Port 21)

FTP Penetration Testing in Ubuntu (Port 21)

SSH Penetration Testing (Port 22)

Penetration Testing on Telnet (Port 23)

SMTP Pentest Lab Setup in Ubuntu (Port 25)

NetBIOS and SMB Penetration Testing on Windows (Port 135-139,445)

Penetration Testing on MYSQL (Port 3306)

Remote Desktop Penetration Testing (Port 3389)

MySQL Penetration Testing with Nmap

4 ways to SMTP Enumeration

How to secure Ubuntu Server using Google Authenticator

4 Ways to DNS Enumeration

Understanding Log Analysis of Web Server

3 ways to scan Eternal Blue Vulnerability in Remote PC

Beginner Guide to Meterpreter (Part 1)

Bypass UAC Protection of Remote Windows 10 PC (Via FodHelper Registry Key)

Bypass Admin access through guest Account in windows 10

Hack Legal Notice Caption of Remote PC

Exploit Windows PC using EternalBlue SMB Remote Windows Kernel Pool Corruption

Create SSL Certified Meterpreter Payload using MPM

Embedded Backdoor with Image using FakeImageExploiter

Exploit Windows 10 PC with Microsoft RTF File (CVE-2017-0199)

Exploit Windows 7 PC using Torrent File

Dump Cleartext Password in Linux PC using MimiPenguin

Stealing Windows Credentials of Remote PC with MS Office Document

Bypass Windows Login Password using Android Phone with DriveDroid

How to Delete Firewall Log in Remote PC using Metasploit

How to Enable and Monitor Firewall Log in Windows PC

Run OS Command against Multiple Session in Metasploit

Hiding Shell with Prepend Migrate using Msfvenom

Capture VNC Session of Remote PC using Msfvenom

Penetration Testing in Metasploitable 3 with SMB and Tomcat

Exploitation of Metasploitable 3 using Glassfish Service

Manual Penetration Testing in Metasploitable 3

Hack Metasploitable 3 using Mysql Service Exploitation

Perform DOS Attack on Metasploitable 3

Hack Metasploitable 3 using SMB Service Exploitation

Metasploitable 3 Exploitation using Brute forcing SSH

Hack Metasploitable 3 using Elasticsearch Exploit

FTP Service Exploitation in Metasploitable 3

Get Meterpreter Session of Locked PC Remotely (Remote Desktop Enabled)

Hack Locked PC in Network using Metasploit

Hack ALL Linux Kernel using Dirtycow Exploit (Privilege Escalation)

Comprehensive Guide on Metasploitable 2

Fun with Metasploit Payloads

Hack Remote Windows PC using Office OLE Multiple DLL Hijack Vulnerabilities

How to Detect Meterpreter in Your PC

Penetration Testing in Active Directory using Metasploit (Part 2)

Hack Remote Windows PC using DLL Files (SMB Delivery Exploit)

Hack Remote Windows 10 PC using TheFatRat

Firewall Pentest Lab Setup with pfsense in VMware

Penetration Testing in Windows Server Active Directory using Metasploit (Part 1)

Capture VNC Session of Remote Windows PC by Payloads Injection

Hack Remote PC using Malicious MS Office Documents

Hack Remote Windows PC using Regsvr32.exe (.sct) Application Whitelisting Bypass Server

Wifi Penetration Testing using Gerix Wifi Cracker

Hack Remote PC using Microsoft Office Files (Macro Payloads)

Hack Locked Workstation Password in Clear Text

How to Detect Sniffer on Your Network

How to Create Botnet for D-Dos Attack with UFONet

Hack your Network through Android Phone using cSploit

Setup Firewall Pentest Lab using Clear OS

Hack Call Logs, SMS, Camera of Remote Android Phone using Metasploit

How to Setup VyOS (Virtual Router Pentest Lab)

2 Ways to Hack Windows 10 Password Easy Way

Dumping Clear-Text Passwords from Browsers using NetRipper

Privilege Escalation on Windows 7,8,10, Server 2008, Server 2012 using Potato

Hack Windows 7 Password from Guest Account using 2015-1701 Exploit (Easy Way)

How to Create unlimited Folder in Remote Victim PC using Metasploit

How to Access Unauthorized on Remote PC using Metasploit

Hack Remote PC using HTA Attack in SET Toolkit

Hack Windows Password in Clear Text using Mimikatz and Windows Credentials Editor

Session Hijacking using Ettercap, Hamster and Ferret (A Beginner Guide)

Hack Remote PC using WinRAR SFX Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Hack Remote Windows PC using The Backdoor factory with Metasploit

Hack Remote PC using Fake Updates Scam with Ettercap and Metasploit

How to Hack Windows Wallpaper of Remote PC

How to Hack Saved sessions in Putty using Metasploit

Windows 7 Sticky Key Hack Attack using Metasploit

Magic Unicorn – PowerShell Downgrade Attack and Exploitation tool

Shellter-A Shellcode Injecting Tool

Metasploit Tutorial for Beginners (Part 1)