Forensic Investigation of any Twitter account

Twitter forensic toolkit is a Forensic tool where you can Investigate on a criminal or a prime suspect’s Twitter  account hence you can get all the information such as (User profile, number of tweets and tweet by user and date , total followers, total following ,etc.)

Download Twitter forensic toolkit from here and install it in your pc

Now fill the required fields such as Investigator name, Operation Name, Case Number, case Description also give a file location to save the report of any twitter user account.

Eg:C\Users\RAJ\Desktop Save to proceed to next step

Now in next step you have to choose a option that are search tweets by a User, To a User, To and from user, referencing a user, now choose according to your requirement, as I have chose by user and I have given the account URL to get all the information from the user twitter account as well as results are random as I given 25. Now click on search button to proceed next step.

Here you can see the consumer key and consumer secret and get pin
there you have to click on Get Pin to get the code

Here to get pin, first it will ask for your twitter account login (not the suspect account login details ) and then a pin will be generated as shown below, copy it.

Paste the pin and click on authorize to start processing of required twitter account.

Here after completing the process you can see competes report of the desired twitter account, such as count of tweets, followers, following, likes. As well has all the tweets including date and time will be displayed.

Now on the toolbar select TOOLS and select configuration and windows will be opened where you can see some options like enable Real time monitoring to update the user tweets upto date, even you can configure your email to get the report to your email address.

And the rest of the report will be saved in the folder location that was given in the first step.

Author “Abdul Salam is a cyber security researcher and Corporate Trainer of Ignite TechnologiesHe is Having 2+ Year Experience in Cyber Security.

How to Perform Forensic Investigation on YouTube

Intro: YouTube Forensic toolkit is a great tool which has abilities to gather information like User videos, channel videos, and category type videos, here in this tool you can do lot more things than you do in YouTube where you can see in below description.

First download the YouTube forensic tool from here and install it on your system

Now after installation, open the YouTube forensic tool fill the required Fields like Investigator name , Operation name , Case Number , Case File Location, Case Description and give the location to save the report of the investigation

Click on save to proceed to next step.

Now in next step you can see lot of options such as Most popular, keyword search, URL Search, User Search, as I chose keyword search as I am not targeting on any user or channel if you want to target on any channel or user then choose URL search or User search and type the username or paste the url from youtube
Now my keyword is hacking articles and chose category as Tech and results can be random as I chose 25.

And click on search to start searching the chosen option.

After searching is complete you can see the result as per the option you have chosen as I chose hacking articles as key word, my result will be displaying results to hacking articles. Here you can see the following (Video title, video comment, video likes, username, last updated , keywords, category )

Now here you can also do the following as (Download video, View comments, request suspense and etc.)

For that right click on the video and select the following to perform the task
also you can check the full report from the folder location you have given at starting step.

Author “Abdul Salam is a cyber security researcher and Corporate Trainer of Ignite TechnologiesHe is Having 2+ Year Experience in Cyber Security.

How to perform Forensic Investigation on user Linkedin Account

Linkedin forensic toolkit is a Forensic tool where you can investigate on a desired user LinkedIn account hence you can get all the information such as (Profile, Connections, All Discussions, etc.)

The main advantage is the user wont able knows his account was viewed by the investigator.

 Download LinkedIn forensic toolkit from here and install it in your pc

Now open LinkedIn forensic tool kit and click on “New Case”

Here you must choose the following option as I choose for profile id which I have the URL of the user id which will be easy to find, and proceed to next step.

Here in new case you must enable all option to display all the user information that is in linkedin account from when he or she created the account to today’s date. Now proceed to next step.

Now in new case first you have to choose the location where you want to save the report
eg: C:\Users\RAJ\Desktop\linkedin

And the fill the remaining information such as case number, Evidence number,description,note etc.

And also enable the AUTO LOG optio And proceed to next step.

Now in the input field type in the user linkedin account url or simply find it and copy paste it.
proceed to next step.

Now here it will ask for authentication code, for that click on the OPEN WEB PAGE


When you click on the open web page you will be redirected to a web page where you have to give your
authentication details (no account details will be disclosed after entering your credentials) and click on allow access.

Now an authentication code will be generated and copy that code and then type or paste the code where authentication code was requested.

Now I have given the authentication code, where it was generated when you give you login with your details 

Now the start the process and let the process finish.

After the process has completed you can see the complete information about the users linkedin account.

Now you can see the information in XML form including all the data, and for other information related to user linkedin account will be saved in file location where you have given as I gave

Eg: C:\Users\RAJ\Desktop\linkedin



Author: Devjeet Singh is an young Indian Entrepreneur and Cyber Security Researcher. He is acknowledged by Microsoft, Adobe, Nokia, and blackberry.

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