Courses We Offer

“IGNITE” is a worldwide name in the Information Technology field. As we provide high-quality cybersecurity training and consulting services that fulfil students, government and corporate requirements. We are working towards the vision to “Help & Develop organizations to become a Cyber Secured Sector by offering a number of training and services”. With an outreach to over eighty thousand students and over a thousand major colleges, Ignite Technologies stood out to be a trusted brand in the Education and the Information Security structure.

Our Mission:

To share knowledge amongst the community and secure the organizations with the help of collaboration, sharing and learning with practical understanding.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to “Help & Develop organizations as Cyber Secured Sector”, by making an impact on the society by giving the best out of what we have, whether it’s our service or training.

Our Goal:

Build a digitally shielded cyberspace where the society cares about cyber-security & its ethics and learns it to use the technology in a way that makes a real difference.

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