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How to Detect Sniffer on Your Network

Xarp is an advanced anti-spoofing tool that flags all the spoofing attacks that might be using ARP(address resolution protocol) targeting your system. This includes documents, emails, and VoiceIP conversations.  ARP attacks allow a hacker to manipulate the data sent over the network. Xarp uses active and passive modules to detect hackers inside the network. Having such tools in the system is very important as the computer firewalls and OS security do not provide protection against ARP attacks.

Download latest Xarp version from

After it gets downloaded, install it on your computer. Now, we will perform an attack on a system with Xarp installed  To show this tool’s effectiveness, we perform the attack with Bettercap

As soon as Xarp detects an ARP attack, it shows an alert on the screen like this.

 It is to be noted that there was no such alert or blocking from both windows firewall and defender, but Xarp detects the intrusion and warns about it.

Author- Shivam Yadav is a certified ethical hacker, an enthusiast and a researcher in this field.

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