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Bypass Admin access through guest Account in windows 10

Open command prompt and check windows user account status using “whoami” command.

Account name is “joe” and account status is ‘DefaultAccount’ which is a non-administrator account type.

Try changing administrator using the ’net user’ command. You will see an error ‘Access is denied’

Now download “CVE-2017-0213_x64” from here and unzip in your PC. Go to the folder and you can find the .exe file, double click on it to run it.

The moment you double click on it, it will automatically open a new command prompt with administrator privileges.

Use ‘net user’ command to change the administrator account password. Message ‘The command completed successfully’ will appear. You have now successfully changed the administrator accounts password.

Author– Abhimanyu Dev is an Aspiring Cyber Security Expert Contact Here

11 thoughts on “Bypass Admin access through guest Account in windows 10

  1. there is a problem in chrome. it says that there is a “Virus Detected” when i try to download in chrome. any suggestions?

  2. Thanks… unfortunately, you first have to gain admin privileges before you can make it work. I think the latest version of Windows patched up the holes in their previous OS.

  3. Yeah, didn’t work for me. Chrome, Firefox, opera, Microsoft edge and Internet explorer all blocked it. I managed to download it by creating a macro in Microsoft Word that allowed me to access the web through Bing but Windows Defender said it might contain a virus and refused to run it.

  4. It seems not working. Clicking on .exe file after download and unzip, opened cmd window, have run some lines and closed by itself.

  5. if it’s not working try to download it with powershell in a share like temp or download. Using an download and execute cradles IEX (iwr… -UseBasincParsing).
    Don’t forget to copy paste or download exec an amsi bypass and set AV with diseable realtimemonitoring commands.
    Beroot.exe is an alternativ to the exe file showcased in this article.

  6. It doesn’t download in Chrome because it’s dangerous, but I managed to download it using Internet Explorer. but all of a sudden, it won’t let me open it. It just says, this app won’t run on this PC.

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