Hiding Shell with Prepend Migrate using Msfvenom

If you are a network penetration tester then you must read this article to enhance your skill. It is the part of advanced penetration testing which might help in creating a strong payload for an attack to the targeted system. In this article you will learn more about the strength of msfvenom, here we will create such a payload which is different from my previous tutorial. The payload migrates its process if the current process gets killed hence the attacker will not lose his session if the victim kills the current process ID of the payload from its system.

Let,s Start

Open the terminal in kali Linux and type following command to generate exe payload.

Above command will create the raj.exe file on the Desktop now send this file to a remote system for the attack.

Load metasploit framework and type following command to start the attack.

 When victim will open the raj.exe file we will get the meterpreter session.

Now let check the process ID of our payload.

From the highlighted text you can read the process ID shown for raj.exe i.e. 4960.

Now attacker tries himself to kill the current process state for raj.exe to verify process migration, as result process 4960 get killed.

But!!!  Still, we have a victim’s session which means raj.exe file migrate into new process ID.

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