Hack Legal Notice Caption of Remote PC

Registry key play an important role in operating system attacker makes use of legal notice registry key to send threaten message on targeted system so that once the system is boot up the user can read the message that “your system has been hacked” which appears before login screen.

Through this article we are showing how an attacker sends threaten message on logon screen to the targeted users.

Let’s start

Attacker : Kali Linux

Target: window 7

 Read our previous article how to hack windows 7 and get meterpreter session of victims, inside meterpreter there are so many options for post exploit now type following command to move inside registry key of the victim’s system

From screenshot you can observe that it contains 2 keys (Audit, UIPI) having 18 different values. The highlighting box is our targeted value.

  1. Legalnoticecaption
  2. legalnoticetext

Now type another command for assigning the value of legalnoticecaption which is use for providing the title or heading of the given message on logon screen.

From screenshot you can read our registry key is successfully set.

Now type one more command for giving warning message to the targeted system by assigning value of legalnoticetext which will display your message on logon screen of victim’s system.

From screenshot you can read again our registry key is successfully set.

Here –k denote key; -V denote value; -d denote input data.

Now when the victim will start his system after then he will receive our message on logon screen as shown in given screenshot.

Try it yourself!!!

Author: AArti Singh is a Researcher and Technical Writer at Hacking Articles an Information Security Consultant Social Media Lover and Gadgets. Contact here

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