Red Teaming

The course structure comprises of various types of attacker simulators and industry attack frameworks such as Cyber Kill Chain, Attack Tree and MITRE ATT&CK Framework. Candidates get the opportunity to behave like an adversary and creatively use local, built-in tools to reach business goals while preventing detection.

Furthermore, the course focuses on making use of open-source resources such as tools and scripts and then tweaking them to complement an organization’s specific needs. On performing nefarious cyber-attack exercises that simulate real-world threat vectors, students will gain hands-on experience.


Prior experience of conducting penetration tests and security assessments of web applications using the OWASP top 10, IT administration. Understanding of the Windows operating system, registry and use of the Windows command line. Experience with Active Directory, common network protocols, Linux operating systems and file systems.

Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Initial Access & Delivery

Module 3: Weaponization

Module 4: Command & Control

Module 5: Escalate Privileges

Module 6: Credentials Dumping

Module 7: Active Directory

Module 8: Lateral Movement

Module 9: Establishing Persistence

Module 10: Data Exfiltration

Module 11: Defense Evasion

Module 12: Reporting

Why choose this course?

  • To understand the effects of the breach of confidentiality.
  • Assess the knowledge of information security for the internal personnel.
  • Discover the shortcomings in your development and research systems.
  • Check the team’s incident response capability
  • To check the security controls such as WAF, IDS / IPS, Load Balancer
  • To test the capacity of your company to defend your vital assets from a real-world assault.

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