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How to Recover Deleted File from RAW Image using FTK Imager and Recover My File

How to create Disk Image read this article

After installing the program, run it. In the window that shall appear, click on the option “File” and “Image Mounting.

Now select the image file to mount image to drive.

In the window “Mount Image to Drive”, choose the forensic image that shall be mounted and select The Drive letter and click on mount option

Now it will show the mounted image as G:  Drive in your system.

Now, download Recover my file from here after installing, run the program. In the window let´s choose the option “Recover files” and click on next.

 In the next window l choose the option “In a specific location” and indicate the mounted drive  through FTK Imager. Now click on “Next”.

Now select search for deleted files option and click on start.

Now it will show all the deleted files, which are recovered and now select your desired deleted file and save in your pc.

AuthorMukul Mohan is a Microsoft Certified system engineer in security and messaging .He is a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist with high level of expertise in handling server side operations based on windows platform. An experienced IT Technical Trainer with over 20 years’ Technical Training experience you can contact him at

4 thoughts on “How to Recover Deleted File from RAW Image using FTK Imager and Recover My File

  1. Hi Team,

    I have recovered couple of my old deleted pics using this technique. The images are simple .jpg >3mb. However, I’m unable to view those images in any applications (I tried every default WIN pic manager and adobe) and it’s throwing below error:

    “The images are unable to display,bcoz either the file was corrupted or your application does not support this kind of extension”!!

    I would appreciate if you can please provide me any workaround for this issue.. If you want i can share few pics with you to try and test with..

  2. hello
    i need 10 Ftk deleted data files. for my dissertation .please help me in sample collection.

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