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SANTOKU Linux- Overview of Mobile Forensics Operating System

Santoku is dedicated to mobile forensics, analysis, and security, and packaged in an easy to use, Open Source platform.

First Download Santoku ISO image from here

After having started the Santoku boot loader, you will see a screen with several boot options. Now click on Install – start the installer directly then press Enter.

You will see this screen, then click on Continue

Click Continue here as well

Select first option – Erase disk and install Santoku, then click on Install Now

Now you will see a Map which shows your location, and then click on Continue

You will see the form, please fill all the fields like Name, Password etc and then click Continue

You will get a Pop up on your computer screen says Installation Complete, please restart your Computer. Click on Restart Now

Once the computer is ready to use it will ask you for the login details. Please enter your password to login.

Now you are on the Home screen of SANTOKU, click on bottom left of your computer screen. You will get couple of options, please select SANTOKU and click on Development Tools; here you can find all available development tools in SANTOKU.

Click on Device Forensics, here you can find all available Device Forensics tools in SANTOKU.

Click on Penetration Testing, here you can find all available Penetration Testing tools in SANTOKU.

Click on Reverse Engineering, here you can find all available Reverse Engineering tools in SANTOKU.

Click on Wireless Analyzers, here you can find all available Wireless Analyzers tools in SANTOKU.

AuthorMukul Mohan is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer in Security and Messaging with high level of expertise in handling server side operations based on windows platform. An experienced IT Corporate Trainer and Computer Forensics Expert with over 20 years’ Experience.

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