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TrevorC2 – Command and Control

TrevorC2 is a command and control framework. It is a client/server model that works through a browser masquerading as a C2 tool. It works at different time intervals which makes it almost impossible to be detected. This tool is coded in python but it’s also compatible with c#, PowerShell, or any other platform. this is supported by both Windows and macOS along with Linux. It is very easy and convenient to use.

You can download it from

git clone

Once it’s downloaded, open the folder and then open the file and change the IP to your localhost IP as shown in the image below. Also, provide the site that will be cloned to the trevorc2 server.

Then, start and run the trevorc2 framework.

Once the trevorc2 is up and running, change the IP to your localhost IP in trevorc2.ps1 file.

Then send this file to the victim using any desired social engineering method. Once the file is executed by the victim, you will have your session as shown in the image below :

To see the sessions type :


And to access this session type :

interact <serial number od session>

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