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Vulnerability Scanning in Network using Retina

Retina is a network vulnerability scanner, one of the industry’s most powerful and effective vulnerability scanners. This network scanning tool gives pretty good vulnerability assessment experience and generates full brief network vulnerability report.

So let’s see how to do network vulnerability scanning.

Open Retina vulnerability scanning. In audit section click on Targets select target type you can select single IP or you can also give a range of IP’s, in my case I’m scanning single IP, now give file name and job name whatever you want.

Now click on Ports in the left section and select types of port group you want to include in your scan and click on modify.

Now click on Audits from the left section and select the type you want to scan.

Now goto Options section and select type of information you want to gather like NetBIOS name, DNS address, etc.

Now goto credential section and select your type and finally click on scan.

Now Retina will start scanning your network according to settings.

After few minutes your vulnerability scanning will complete.

Now go to Remediate section, in this section you can select what you want to include in your vulnerability report.

Now in Report section you can select what type of report you want to generate for your network penetration testing. Select the type of report according to your need from Report type menu and click on Generate button.

After that you have two options to view your report, either through Internet explorer or Microsoft word.

Click on the internet explorer icon. Now you can see that Retina Network vulnerability scanner created a wonderful vulnerability report by explaining each and every vulnerability of the network.

Author: AkshayBhardwaj is a passionate Hacker, Information Security Researcher | Sketch Artist | Technical writer. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Facebook