Cryptography & Stegnography

How to Hide Text behind Text

Introducing a very simple but very rarely known way of hiding a text file inside a text for transmission of secured textual information , thst to in few simple steps .


Step 1

Open command prompt and create a text file to where ever location you want or create a text file using windows GUI (in this example we have created our text file with name raj.txt and saved it to the Desktop). 

Step 2

Go to the location where the file has been saved and use “type” command to view the content of the file. 

Step 3

Here comes the main step of hiding secret information. A hidden / confidential file is now been created through Echo command and the confidential information is being saved in it.

Syntax: echo <Secret/confidential message> > host text file (raj.txt in our case) : <secret file name (secret.txt as shown below)>

We have saved our confidential file (secret.txt) containing confidential data within our host file (raj.txt)



Step 4

To view the content of this hidden file, we need to use the following command after entering into the directory containing host file (raj.txt)

Syntax : start .<host file(raj.txt)> : <confidential file(secret.txt>