Hack ALL Games in Windows 7 for Instant Win (Enable Debug Mode)

Step1:- Download Resource Hacker from Here

Step2:- Open Resource Hacker and click open.

Step3:- Now Open C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Solitaire\en-US and drag and drop Solitaire.exe.mui in resource hacker

You’ll see lots of directories select ‘Menu Section

As you can see, menu “103” contains the secret “Debug” menu which contains lots of secret sub-menus like Force Save, Force Win, Autoplay, etc.

Now we’ll need to copy the code of POPUP “Debug” from 103 menu to 102 menu 

We’ll copy the code starting from POPUP “Debug” and starting curly brace ‘{‘ to closing curly brace ‘}‘. Now paste the code in 102 menu just before the closing curly brace ‘}‘ 

After Changing the appropriate options, Compile the script by Compile script option

Save as the file at another location. Please ensure that it must not be the original location of Solitaire.exe.mui 

Now copy edited file and paste it over the older copy

Now open Command Prompt with Adminstrator and type mcbuilder and press Enter. Wait for a few seconds to finish the command process and then restart your system

Now open the game and you’ll be able to access the hidden secret “Debug” menu.

This Tricks Also works on all game of windows 7

For Freecell you’ll need to edit C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\FreeCell\en-US\FreeCell.exe.mui

For Hearts You’ll need to edit C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Hearts\en-US\Hearts.exe.mui

For Minesweeper you’ll need to edit C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Minesweeper\en-US\Minesweeper.exe.mui

For Spider you’ll need to edit C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\SpiderSolitaire\en-US\SpiderSolitaire.exe.mui