Weeman – HTTP Server for Phishing

Weeman is a simple python http server script that creates powerful phishing page. It work just like other phishing framework, simply it takes credentials from users when they type confidential information like usernames, passwords, credit card-numbers and  take that inputs and show you on weeman terminal.

So let’s start. First clone weeman repository from github, to do so type:

github clone https://github.com/Hypsurus/weeman

Then change your directory

cd /root/Desktop/weeman

After that start weeman by typing in terminal:


Now type show in terminal to see what are the things required to create a phishing page. Here in this article we are creating Facebook phishing page.

Let’s start, type:

set url http://www.facebook.com

In this command you will give the website you want to clone.

Now type:

set port 8080

Now type:

set action_url http://www.facebook.com

this command is used to set the url where you want to redirect the victim after they give username and password, in our case we used facebook.

now finally type in terminal:


After that it will create an http server and give you a link. Now send that link to victim by using social engineering technique. When victim open that link and type their use rid and password.

Bingooo. Now automatically you can see that confidential info on your terminal.

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