Web Pentest Lab setup for Beginners using DVWS

Damn Vulnerable Web Services is a vulnerable testing environment that can be used to learn real world web service vulnerabilities. The aim of this project is to aid security professionals in testing their skills and tools in a legal environment.

This application is designed to exploit the following vulnerabilities.

  • WSDL Enumeration
  • XML External Entity Injection
  • XML Bomb Denial-of-Service
  • XPATH Injection
  • WSDL Scanning
  • Cross Site-Tracing
  • OS Command Injection
  • Server Side Request Forgery
  • REST API SQL Injection


Xampp which is a offline web serveDownload Here

DVWS lab which you can download from Here

First install you xampp in windows. After which you should find a control panel as shown below.

The Choose Components screen will appear next. This screen will allow you to choose which components you would like to install. To run XAMPP properly, all components checked need to be installed. Click Next to continue

When The Installation Complete screen will now appear. Click Finish to begin using XAMPP. The XAMPP Control Panel allows you to manually start and stop Apache and MySQL, or install them as services

Start your Apache and MySQL modules. Apache is a web server and MySQL is used to maintain the database.

Extract DVWS lab setup in the location” C:\xampp\htdocs\dvws” as is shown below.

Now open up your web browser type” localhost/dvws”

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    Hi Raj Chandel,

    I like your recent article on Webservices…

    Please post more articles related to Webservices on REST API’s Pentesting if possible.

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