Shell to Meterpreter using Session Command

In previous article we have seen how to upgrade a command shell into meterpreter using Post exploitation in metasploit. Again we are going to perform same task using a different technique.


In following screenshot you can perceive that it is showing the TYPE for session 1: shell.

Once you got the reverse connection of remote system and access its command shell through metasploit now you can manipulate your active sessions.  You just need to type sessions –h as command inside metasploit, this help command will display the multiple option which can be utilized with active session.

 So in the following screenshot you can perceive that the highlighted option is used to upgrade a command shell into meterpreter session.

Since we have command shell so here we can use “-u” (option) with session ID for upgrading our shell into meterpreter session. Execute following command for session manipulation.

When you will execute above command you will get meterpreter session as session 2. Now enjoy your meterpreter session and execute its command.

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