PwnSTAR: Pwn SofT Ap scRipt

A bash script to launch a Fake AP, configurable with a wide variety of attack options. Includes a number of index.html and server php scripts, for sniffing and phishing. It can act as multi-client captive portal using php and iptables, Launches classic exploits such as evil-PDF.


takes care of configuration of interfaces, macspoofing, airbase-ng and isc-dhcp-server
steals WPA handshakes
phishes email credentials
serves webpages: supplied (eg hotspot, below) or provide your own
sniffing with ferret and sslstrip
adds a captive portal to the frontend of the fake AP
assorted exploits
de-auth with MDK3, aireplay-ng or airdrop-ng
Use your imagination, craft your own webpages, and have fun.

You can download the pwnstar script from here and save in your desktop

Installation procedure of pwnstar is complete; just keep connected for further usage of pwnstari in coming articles

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