Proxy Server Lab Setup using Wingate (Part 1)

Albert Einstein always said “Imagination is important than knowledge” and this imagination accompanied by knowledge helps our world to more and more every day. Thus, technology grows and grows and succeeds to reduce human effort and increase our potential. And there is much software that helps us to do so.

One of that software is Wingate. This software helps us to monitor internet activities of our employees or students or anyone as this software helps us to setup a proxy server which further allows all the traffic from a network passes through it to reach the router as per their request. We can say that this software helps us to share and control access to the Internet through a single computer connection. The computer with Wingate acts as a proxy server for the computer users inside the home or business network.

Proxy Sever : Proxy server is a server setup between router and your network. Once the proxy server is setup, it will help you differentiate between internal network(i.e your organisation network) and external network(i.e router). That means all the traffic from client’s application(i.e web browser) will go through this proxy server and you will be able to monitor everything they do on internet and also you will be able to permit who accesses internet or who does not. So, let us learn how to seup a proxy server

WinGate is software that acts as gateway which allows us to setup proxy server and helps us to share and control access to the Internet through a single computer connection.The computer with Wingate acts as a proxy server for the computer users inside the home or business network.

For WinGate to work on a computer we will need two LAN cards. Both of these LAN cards will act as routers. One of them will be our external network(i.e router) and other will be our internal network(i.e proxy server).

To install WinGate, download it from Once you have downloaded it,

Open it and the folowing screen will appear on your computer. Click on Next option on the dailogue box.

After clicking on next option, it will ask you the Program Features that you would like to install. Select all the three options and then again click on Next button.

Now it will ask you to enter an Administrative E-mail on which you want all of your alerts. Enter you r E-mail address. And then click on Next option.

Now a dialogue box will open as shown below. Select localhost option from it.

Now a Licience Activation Dailogue Box will open and it will ask whether your connection is offline or online. Select online on it and click on Next.

It will further ask you if you have bought WinGate or if you have it on trail bases. Select the appropriate option such as select activate a purchased lenience if you have bought it or else select activate a free full-featured 30 day trail.

Then your activation request will be processed. It may take a minute or two.

After the activation process click on Next and it will ask you to provide a database for Wingate. For it, simply click on Next.

Now, select the Wingate user database engine as you database and click on Next

To complete WinGate installation just click on Finish

After installing it will ask you computer to restart. Once the computer is restarted you wil find WinGate in the hidden icons on the Task bar.

Now right click on WinGate icon and select WinGate Management. After doing so, WinGate management window will open. And then click on localhost.

After clicking on localhost, it will ask you weather you want to work with current windows or want to use another user.

Now click on use another user and it will ask you for username and password.

(I have given administrator as username and i have kept password blank)

Once you have given username and password click on OK. And so, the welcone panel of WinGate will open

You can now start working with Wingate.

For to learn how to setup a proxy server using Wingate, do wait for part-2.

Author: Yashika Dhir is a passionate Researcher and Technical Writer at Hacking Articles. She is a hacking enthusiast. contact here

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