Proxy Server Lab Setup using Wingate (Part 2)

Digital era allows the company to work securely and much efficiently. For doing so software’s and hardware’s play a major role. Today, it is nearly impossible to work without technology. And we all know that when something has advantages when it comes with disadvantages too. For instance, you run a company or institute or even college. And you want to make sure that your employees or students are doing nothing but their work, so, how will know that? You can never know what someone is doing on their computer whether they are searching for inappropriate data or are playing a game or downloading a virus. Not even a router helps us monitor all the devices connected to our network. so, in this case, you can set up a Proxy Server.

First of all, connect both of your LAN cards to your computer. Once the LAN cards are connected, all you need to know is the IP address of the second network which it will configure automatically.

Now, open WinGate to its Welcome panel by right clicking on its hidden icon on the taskbar and selecting WinGate management option.

Now, go to your client computer, i.e the computer whose proxy you want to set up, and right-click on network adaptor icon (it is present on the right-hand side of the taskbar) and open network sharing dialogue box.

Now, open the Local Area Connection. The following window will open.

Now to go properties and the following windows will open.

Now select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on properties and the following windows will open. Select Use the following IP address automatically in the said window. Here, give IP address of the series ahead of the IP address of the second LAN card’s IP address along with subnet mask. In the Default Gateway option, give the IP address of second LAN card.

Now, select Use the following DNS server automatically and give as DNS address. Then click on OK.

The open web browser in your client computer, go to settings, open LAN settings and give the Default Gateway’s IP address. After doing so, all the traffic from the client’s computer will go through the proxy server and so; one will be able to monitor it.

Now that your web proxy is all setup go back to your proxy server (the computer in which you installed WinGate). Open WinGate, choose Network Connections from Control Panel. You will see two options.

Out of these two options right click on the option with the router’s IP (first LAN card’s IP) and select Edit Option. And then select an external untrusted network and click on OK as shown:

After clicking on OK the settings will change and you will be able to differentiate between external and internal network as:

If you want that any time your client computer opens a browser then they should enter a username and password to access the internet then all you have to do is go to Users and Groups.

Right click on the screen and select create user option. There give name and description (optional)

After giving name click on Next, give Account name and select Account locked option and again click on Next.

Now it will ask for a password. Enter your password and click on Finish.

By doing so, It will show you the entire user you just created.

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