Information Gathering using Maltego (Beginner Guide)

Maltego is a great tool for penetration testers and forensic investigator’s which is used for open-source intelligence gathering and forensics. Maltego is totally different and powerful from other intelligence gathering tool because it discovers and collects data about the target and visualizes that collected data in a wonderful graph format for analysis.

So, let’s see how to use it for intelligence gathering.

Here I’m using Maltego in kali Linux. Go to application-Information Gathering – maltegoce

Now here you can see maltego’s interface, and on the right side, there is few additional feature which you can install it to use in intense intelligence gathering they all require API’s.

Now click on maltego icon and select new option to scan a new foot printing project.

After that start a machine, here you can select the type of footprinting you want to perform there are many options here I select Footprint L3 and then click on next.

Now provide a Domain name and click on finish.

Now automatically maltego will start gathering information about the domain and create a graphical map of collected information.

Now enlarge it to clearly view collected data. Here you can see ever information you need like DNS info, mail-server, IP, users, email-ID, connected computers, networks, etc.

Now let’s dig more about this domain, let’s see what media or news publishers talking about this company.

Start a new machine and select News Monitoring click next and then type the keywords to know more about the company through online published articles.

And here you can see recently published articles about the company related to the keywords.

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