HTTP RAT Tutorial for Beginners

HTTP RAT is a kind of Remote Access Trojan which utilizes web interfaces and port 80 to gain access. It can be understood simply as an HTTP Tunnel, except it works in the reverse direction. These Trojans are comparatively more dangerous as these work on the web and thus work almost everywhere where you can find internet.

Here, we would be working with HTTP RAT backdoor web server by a zombie

To download the above from internet and extract the tool. It would something like as shown in the pic below

Double click on the folder and click on the icon with httprat written next to it. Something like this pic pops up on the screen.

Click on create. This is what should pop out on screen.

An icon less application with httpserver must be created as in this pic:

Send this file to the victim via pen drive or any other means. Once the victim double clicks on the application, it will automatically send a connection back to you. You just need to type the victim’s IP address on the browser. This is what will come on the screen

Author: Shivam Yadav is a hacking enthusiast, a learner and a researcher in this field. contact here

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