How to Perform Forensic Investigation on YouTube

Intro: YouTube Forensic toolkit is a great tool which has abilities to gather information like User videos, channel videos, and category type videos, here in this tool you can do lot more things than you do in YouTube where you can see in below description.

First download the YouTube forensic tool from here and install it on your system

Now after installation, open the YouTube forensic tool fill the required Fields like Investigator name , Operation name , Case Number , Case File Location, Case Description and give the location to save the report of the investigation

Click on save to proceed to next step.

Now in next step you can see lot of options such as Most popular, keyword search, URL Search, User Search, as I chose keyword search as I am not targeting on any user or channel if you want to target on any channel or user then choose URL search or User search and type the username or paste the url from youtube
Now my keyword is hacking articles and chose category as Tech and results can be random as I chose 25.

And click on search to start searching the chosen option.

After searching is complete you can see the result as per the option you have chosen as I chose hacking articles as key word, my result will be displaying results to hacking articles. Here you can see the following (Video title, video comment, video likes, username, last updated , keywords, category )

Now here you can also do the following as (Download video, View comments, request suspense and etc.)

For that right click on the video and select the following to perform the task
also you can check the full report from the folder location you have given at starting step.

Author “Abdul Salam is a cyber security researcher and Corporate Trainer of Ignite TechnologiesHe is Having 2+ Year Experience in Cyber Security.

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