How to Install Simple-Ducky Payload Generator

The simple-ducky is designed to quickly create reliable payloads and launch listener’s.The Simple-Ducky currently uses version 2.6 of the duck encoder. The lastest version of the Simple-Ducky supports all Debian Linux distro’s (i.e. Kali-Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc). The smart installer will take care of all the work for you.

With the simple-ducky in a matter of seconds you can;

Create your evil executable (its automatically placed in your web directory)

Create your inject.bin

Launch a listener (meterpreter or netcat)

Generate custom password list’s

Crack extracted passwords

And so much more…


The following dependencies are automatically installed on version 1.1.0 and above;







Burp Suite

Social Engineering Tool Kit (SE-Toolkit)








Installing Simple-Ducky Payload Generator in Kali Linux

First Download Simple-Ducky Payload Generator from here (and save it on your desktop)

You will get the file with the name

Give all the privileges to the this file by using “chmod” command as show below

chmod 777

Now install the downloaded package using  ./

As a part of installation procedure setup will ask for updating of Java JDK version , select option 2 from the selection menu

In order to use this application, we need to have one user, Enter the name and password of primary user when prompted for (raj in this case)

Open new terminal and type ftp

You will be asked for user name and password for authentication, use the user name and password

Created above

After successful authentication, open new terminal and type simple-ducky

You will get the screen as shown below, which is a confirmation for installation of Simple-Ducky Payload Generator

Installation procedure of Simple-Ducky Payload Generator is complete; just keep connected for further usage of Simple-Ducky Payload Generator in coming articles

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