How to Gather WIFI Password in Remote Windows PC

First Hack the Victim PC Using Metasploit (Tutorial How to Hack Remote PC)

Once you got the meterpreter session use ‘shell ‘command to get command prompt of the target PC.

Now to see wireless Network connections in the Victim PC. Use Netsh Command.

Netsh is a command line utility included in Windows operating system which allows local and remote configuration of the network devices such as interface.

netsh wlan show profile

This command will show all profiles on interface wireless network connections accessed by Victim PC.

Now we have got the network interface profiles. To retrieve stored    Security key of specific Network interface profile. Again use Netsh command with specified Profile Name. Such As

Netsh wlan show profile =tiny key =clear

Above command will show the security key as option Key content.

It will also show the Network type, SSID name as well as Authentication present in that Security Key.

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