How to Crack WInRAR Registration (Easy Way)

Step1:- Download Resource Hacker from Here

Step2:- Open Resource Hacker and click open.

Step3:- Choose C:Program Files (x86)WinRAR/WinRAR.exe

Step4: You’ll see a lots of directories under it Scroll down and find ‘REMINDER’ under the Dialog Section

Step5: Under REMINDER right click on 1033 and Click on Delete Resource [Dialog: REMINDER: 1033]

Step6: Save as the file at another location. Please ensure that it must not be the original location of Winrar.exe

Step7: Now copy the saved (new edited copy) of WinRAR.exe and paste it in its installation directory, and replace the original WinRAR.exe

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  1. Thanks

    Thanks! Awesome little tutorial. That stupid dialog box has been annoying me for a while and I have been too lazy to download a crack. This took care of the problem in less than 60 seconds. Love the blog, keep it coming man!


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