How to Connect website cPanel in your Dreamweaver

Open your Dreamweaver and look in the top menus. Click “Site” and choose “New Site“.

In the pop-up window, choose the “Advanced” tab.

Name your site anything, like Hacking Tutorial

Local info is where your website files reside on your PC that is why it is called local.

Now Select “Remote Info” and then enter the FTP settings on the right hand side

Enter the necessary information:

FTP Host: enter your domain name or IP address

Host directory: this field can be left blank (Windows accounts) or enter public_html/ (Linux accounts)

FTP login: enter your FTP username

FTP password: enter your FTP password

Click Test Connection to ensure Dreamweaver can connect to the server.

Click Next.

Ok now click on DONE and your project should appear in the Right Sidebar of Dreamweaver as shown below.

You have successfully setup Dreamweaver to connect with the server.

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