How to Configure Untangle Firewall for Network Security (Beginner Guide)

Note: System must have dual LAN cards

First Download untangle firewall iso image from here

Open VMWARE tool, create a new virtual machine. Select Installer disc image file and select OS image of untangle and click next.

Enter your virtual machine name and location. Click next.

Click on Customize Hardware option and then click on Finish button.

Select Network Adapter option. Click on Add button.

Now a popup will open, then select Network Adapter option and click on Next.

Then click on Finish.

Now select Graphical install (normal mode) then press enter.

Select the language English and click on Continue.

Now it will automatically load the components.

Click on Continue

Now choose option Yes and click on Continue

Select yes and click on Continue

Further click on Continue

Now PC restarts.

Select your language English and click on Next

Now enter your Password and Admin Email id and select your timezone and click on Next.

Click on Next

Click on Next

Again click on Next

Now click on Finish to complete the configuration.

Now a prompt will open. It will show you a message, then click on Continue

Now Create an Account and enter the details, then click on Register

Then click on Continue

Now untangle firewall is properly installed in your virtual machine then it will automatically install all the features.

Author: AArti Singh is a Researcher and Technical Writer at Hacking Articles an Information Security Consultant Social Media Lover and Gadgets.

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