HackPack – Collection of Hacking Scripts

This is a collection of scripts to add to kali linux. It will create a new menu named Hackpack in your applications menu. It should work on any flavor of Debian, Ubuntu etc. But is made mainly for Kali along with LazyKali. This script will also add launchers for various programs installed by lazykali.

First Install the Lazy Kali Script in Kali Linux Tutorial Given Blow

Lazy Kali Script for Kali

After Installing the Lazy Kali Script You will get the screen as shown below, 

Press 6 to check available Extra Tools

Type 3 to install Hackpack. It will prompt you to install Hackpack. Type Y to install Hackpack

Now click on Applications tab on the top left corner of Kali Desktop and you will find Hackpack tab

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  1. secret Steve

    Excellent info…… I’ll be adding this to my Kali asap. More tools the better…..plus…..saves all that bashing yourself! Lazy,? You bet,!!


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