Hack Windows Server in Network using Atelier Web Remote Command

Every geek, system administer  and help-desk personnel love the feature of accessing computers or laptops remotely but we also know that accessing a computer remotely requires that we have to install the same software on the remote computer as well as on our computer. But Atelier Web Remote Commander (AWRC) is a powerful tool for every geeks and system administrators because it can connect to other computers without installing any software or without any configuration on the remote computer.

Atelier Web Remote Commander (AWRC) Features:

  • Runs across firewalls.
  • Performs deep audits and all kinds of maintenance operations.
  • Does not leave traces on remote. It is absolutely safe.
  • Zero configuration simultaneous connections.

Now let’s see practical working of this tool.

Download Atelier Web Remote Commander from here  and install and open.

In Remote Host column type IP address of the computer or server, you want to get a remote desktop connection, after that give User Name and Password and click on Connect.

After few seconds, you can see that a desktop of a remote computer appears in front of you. Now you can see information of the remote system and access file of the remote computer.

Go to SysInfo tab, here you see all information related to remote computer like version of running OS, BIOS information, details of memory, etc.

In NetworkInfo section, you will get most interesting information about the remote system like routing table, running protocols, open ports, IP statistics, etc.

FileSystem tab will give you access to file system of a remote computer, where you access all files and data on all drives.

UserGroup section will give you details of all created accounts and its privileges and in which group that user account is connected.

If you want to chat or tell something to remote computer user you can also do that, simply start Chat window and type whatever you want to say and hit enter.

OUTPUT of remote victims computer.

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