Hack Window Password with Active Password Changer

  • First Download Active Password Changer
  • Start your computer and enter into Bios Setup.
  • Change your boot preferences to boot from CD /DVD.
  • Insert your Active Password Changer Bootable CD.


Press [1], Choose Windows system Disk Press Enter



Logical Drive Selection

If you have chosen the first option on Options screen you may select a particular volume to scan for SAM detection. Press Enter.


SAM Selection

If the only SAM database is detected, press [ENTER] to get users information


User Selection

After SAM database is scanned for all users the list of local users will be detected: Select your user Press Enter


Password Reset and changing account parameters


  • After user account is chosen you see its information form SAM database:
  • If you defined this user as a user you need to change settings and reset password, just  press [Y] to do that.
  • You can also change default recommended settings and make your own choice. To choose desired option use arrows keys and [Space] key to mark or unmark it


To select and choose days and hours use arrow keys and [Space] bar. Please note that hours are pointed in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and you should take into accountyour time zone. NOTE: Default Windows system accounts may not have “permitted logon hours” options;


Press [Y] if you like to save your changes or press [Esc] to save account intact and  return to previous window (List of accounts)

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