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Hack Wi-Fi using Social Engineering with Fluxion (Evil Twin Attack)

FLUXION is a remake of Linset by vk439 with fewer bugs and more features. It’s accordant with the latest release of Kali. This new Wi-Fi hacking method could potentially allow hackers or attackers to recover the password key. In this method, the attacker develops a new wi-fi with the same name which is already existing. For this purpose, Fluxion is required to create evil-twin of the target wireless network (wi-fi). Let’s see how it works.

How it works

  • Scan the networks.
  • Capture a handshake (can’t be used without a valid handshake, it’s necessary to verify the password)
  • Use WEB Interface *
  • Launch a Fake AP instance to imitate the original access point
  • Spawns the MDK3 process, which de-authenticates all users connected to the target network, so they can be lured to connect to the Fake AP and enter the WPA password.
  • A fake DNS server is launched in order to capture all DNS requests and redirect them to the host running the script
  • A captive portal is launched in order to serve a page, which prompts the user to enter their WPA password
  • Each submitted password is verified by the handshake captured earlier
  • The attack will automatically terminate, as soon as a correct password is submitted.

First of all clone Fluxion from GitHub with the command:

git clone

Now, as you have downloaded Fluxion; now download all the tools which are required to run Fluxion as it is done in the image below.

cd fluxion
cd install/

And execute the script from its folder with the command:


You will see the screen which is shown below. Select your preferred language as we have chosen English by pressing 1 and press Enter.

Now, select all channels which are option 1. It will ask you to select the channel to listen to wi-fi connections so enter 1 to listen to all wi-fi connections.

Now a new window will appear on your screen which is monitoring all the wi-fi channels.AS you see your target wi-fi. Simply hit ctrl+c to stop the search.

Now it will show you a list of available targets. Select yours by pressing the id no. of that connection as in my case I have chosen PEN LAB by pressing 4. Now here you will notice a change in all the target available. On id no. 3 and 4 there is an Asterisk (*) before the mac address which represents that an increased number of clients are attached to this wi-fi connection. For this purpose, we have chosen id no.4

The more clients mean the more no. of people are there who can enter the wi-fi password erroneously.

Now select option 1 for establishing Fake AP (access point) and press enter. It will generate a Fake wi-fi AP.

Now choose ENTER to skip and then select 1 for choosing Pyrit from handshake checking options.

Now you can simply press ENTER to save the .cap file at default location i.e. /root/Desktop/fluxion.cap all may provide the path to save the .cap file at destination location.


Now select option 1 to De authenticate all clients which are attached to the target wi-fi.  Here Deauth all is representing that it is sending a small DOS attack and all the clients who are connected to the wi-fi will be disconnected automatically.


Now select 1 for CAPTURE HANDSHAKE; you will see 2 windows, one for capturing WPA handshake and other for DE authenticate all clients. Now enter 1 on the MENU window to check handshake without closing the other ones.

Now, enter 1 for selection of Create the SSL certificate.

Again choose 1 for WEB INTERFACE.

Now it will ask you to choose the language, so select 1 for English and enter.

Now it will show you the 4 different windows starting the fake AP and DE authenticating the clients of the wi-fi network. For instance; now the clients will see 2 wi-fi AP under the same name.

When victim will connect to fake AP it will ask to enter the Password to reconnect with the network.

The moment one will enter the password; you will see a screen with the password entered by the victim.

Now; as shown in the image above we have got our key or password “[email protected]” through FLUXION which is the best and trouble-free straightforward method of cracking the wi-fi password.

AUTHOR: GEET MADAN is a Certified Ethical Hacker, Researcher and Technical Writer at Hacking Articles on Information Security. Contact here

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