Hack Remote Windows 10 PC using JSRAT

JSRAT is a python Script that can be used to get a remote shell of victim pc.  

Open terminal and Type

git clone https://github.com/Hood3dRob1n/JSRat-Py.git

Now go to the jsrat foler using cd JSRAT-Py and the following command to run jsrat

./JSRAT.py  –i –p 80

Now Server is Up and Listening. Copy Client Command link i.e. and send it to the victim. As the victim opens the link in the browser a snippet will appear like this.

Copy that snippet and paste in the cmd shell of victim.

As soon as the victim executes it you will get a reverse connection back in your kali terminal.

From here you can dig into the System as deep as you want. For Further details check this link.


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