Hack Remote PC with Nettool MitM Pentesting Toolkit

netool.sh is a script in bash to automate frameworks like metasploit, Nmap, Driftnet, SSLstrip, and Ettercap MITM attacks, Retrieves metadata, geo-location of target, as the hability to capture SSL passwords under MITM, sniff URL accessed by target machine, changes hostname, change IP and Mac-Address to decoy scans, capture pictures of web-browser surfing (diftnet), perform TCP/UDP packets manipulation using etter.filters, DoS attacks on local/external network, webcrawler.

Open your kali Linux terminal and type the following command

 git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/netoolsh/opensource-kali netoolsh-opensource-kali

Now a pop up will open click on yes

Again a pop up will open click on yes

Open terminal and type ./netool.sh and press enter to continue

Now it will ask you for your choice press 8 now a pop up will open click on yes

You can see lots of attacking option choose 21 Windows.exe payloads

Now a pop up will open Enter IP address of your kali Linux pc And click OK.

Now it will ask for port no. Enter the port no.  Such as 4567 and click OK.

Entering the payload name and click OK

Now it will show the path where payload will be stored and ask how to deliver, choose multi-handler. Click OK.

Now select default listenner option and click ok

Now it will execute TCP handler on and start the payload handler.

Now it will show a file with name soft.exe now send your exe files to victim using any social engineering technique.

Now when the victim will use exe you will get the meterpreter of victim PC.

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