Hack Any Android Phone with DroidJack (Beginner’s Guide)

DroidJack is an android RAT which gives you the power to establish control over your victim’s Android devices with an easy to use GUI and all the features you need to monitor them.

First of all download DroidJack  from //droidjack.net

Now execute the DroidJack which is a executable jar file . Then it will prompt you for login , so enter your username and password .

Now clicking on unlock button will open a GUI interface .

Now click on Generate APK and then edit App Name and File Name with the name of your choice so that it looks genuine. Also enter the IP of your system in the Dynamic DNS field and enter the port no. of your system in the Port Number field and then click on Generate.

After some time it will generate a prompt showing that the APK is successfully generated and can be found in the same folder as your DroidJack application.

So now go to Devices and set the port field in the lower left corner to the same port with which you have generated the APK as in my case it is 1337 and then click on Reception  to start the listening mode.

Now send the apk RAT to your victim by any means .

After installing the app ,when the victim click on button we will get the android session. 

As you can see below the phone is  listed in Devices list.

Now right clicking on the mobile device will give a list of options which you can use.

Now for demo purpose i  have used SMS  Trekker and as you can see it has dumped all the SMS.

AUTHOR: Sahil Gujjar is an information security enthusiast and technical writer

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