Exploitation of Windows PC using Venom: Shellcode Generator

Open your kali Linux terminal and type the following command

git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/crisp-shellcode-generator/shell crisp-shellcode-generator-shell

Open terminal and type ./venom.sh and press enter to continue

Now it will show you various options of shellcode with target OS and format. In my case I am selecting option 5 and press enter.

Now a pop up will open Enter IP address of your kali linux pc. And click OK.

Now it will ask for port no. Enter the port no.  Such as 445 and click OK.

Now it will show a list of Payloads. Select one of the payloads e.g.windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp And click OK.

Now change the shell code in exec_bin.c by copy the below code after entering the payload name and click OK.

Now replace the below code after the keyword  unsigned char buf[]=

Now it will show the path where payload will be stored and ask how to deliver, choose multi-handler. Click OK.

Now it will execute TCP handler on and start the payload handler.

Now it will show a file with name winrar.exe now send your exe files to victim using any social engineering technique.

Now when the victim will use exe you will get the meterpreter of victim PC.


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