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Cracking WiFi Password using Fern WIFi Cracker

Fern Wifi Cracker is a Wireless security auditing and attack software program written using the Python Programming Language and the Python Qt GUI library, the program is able to crack and recover WEP/WPA/WPS keys and also run other network based attacks on wireless or ethernet based networks.

Fern comes preinstalled in the kali linux , so go to Applications and then to Wireless attack and then click on fern wifi cracker.

Now click on select interface and select the wireless interface which will put it into monitor mode to listen to all the wifi AP’s nearby. Now click on Scan for Access points.

After scanning it will show the WEP and WPA secured wifi separately but in my case there is no WEP so it is showing  5 WPA secured wifi  so click on WPA tab. 

Now it will show all the WPA wifi and select your target by clicking on it as in my case I have selected ttpl as my target and now select dictionary by clicking on BROWSE on lower right hand corner.  

Now select your dictionary from your system .I has selected nmap.lst from /usr/share/wordlists/ directory and then click on open. (YOU CAN USE YOUR CUSTOM MADE WORDLIST OR ANY OTHER)

Now select Regular attack and then click on WIFI ATTACK on top right hand corner.

Now it will prompt with WPA ATTACK REQUIREMENT as at least 1 client is required to be connected to the target AP, so click OK on it.

Clicking on OK will start the attack by first deauthenticating the client and then capturing handshake and then breaking the encryption which will lead to successful breaking of the password if it is present in your dictionary. In my case it has successfully found my password as WPA KEY:rajchandel12345

Author: Himanshu Gupta is a Information Security Researcher | Technical writer. You can follow him on LinkedIn .

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