Bug Bounty

Web Penetration Testing is a technique which deals with the Securing the web applications, websites and the web services. In this course a Student will learn what is web penetration Testing (bug bounty), what is vulnerability?,how to find it as well as how to secure it by various techniques.

Web Penetration Testing Course

1. Introduction
2. Web Server Installation
3. Web Application lab Set Up
4. HTTP Basic
5. Introduction to Web Application Session Management
6. Encoding Method
7. HTTP Authentication
8. Information Gathering
9. HTML Injection
10. Command Injection
11. File Upload
12. Web Shells
13. LFI
14. RFI
15. Open Redirects
16. SQL Injection
17. Cross Site Scripting
18. CSRF
19. Insecure Direct Object Reference
20. Firefox Addon
21. Burp Suite Exploitation
22. Automated Penetration Testing
23. Flash Based Attacks
24. Click jacking Attacks
25. XPath Injection Attacks
26. XSLT Injection
27. XML Attacks
28. Web Service Attacks
29. Common Security Protocols
30. 0Auth Security
31. SSRF (Server Side Request Forgery)
32. LDAP Imjection
33. HTTPS and SSL
34. API Testing
35. PHP Object Injection
36. WordPress penetration Testing
37. CPanel Penetration Testing

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