Infrastructure Pentest

Infrastructure penetration testing involves detecting and investigating the vulnerabilities and flaws present in the computer systems and the devices that are connected to the network, cloud etc. in an effort to ensure maximum security. In layman terms, it is the process of unearthing the loopholes in an organization’s security framework.


This course has been designed for professionals and therefore anyone who wishes to take up this course should have their fundamentals and concepts regarding network; the components involved in designing an organization’s network server or its infrastructure. Additionally, you should be aware of the Linux and Windows basic commands & Kali Linux Framework & its well-known tools.

Course Content

Module 1: Pre-engagement Interactions

Module 2: Internal & External Penetration Scanning

Module 3: Application Server Mapping

Module 4: Linux for Pentester

Module 5: Windows for Pentester

Module 6: Database Penetration Testing

Module 7: VoIP Penetration Testing

Module 8: Docker for Pentester

Module 9: Network Device Security Audit

Module 10: Bonus Section 

Why choose this course?

  • The course focuses on building up the technical skills required in security assessment for servers, network device, web application, android, docker etc.
  • This could help professionals or security enthusiasts to explore their knowledge in the field of infrastructure penetration testing and security assessments.

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