Capture the Flag

CTF 2.0 is the latest edition of our training which provides the most advance modules that connect to the real infrastructures in the organizations and also assist students/professionals to prepare for global certification. This curriculum has been designed in such a manner that it accommodates both freshers and specialists and provides them with the necessary training w.r.t their skills.


Prior to opting for this course, the candidate should be aware of advanced ethical hacking techniques, networking services, OWASP top 10, Linux /Windows basic and major commands, the Unix File System and the working of the Content Management System.

Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Linux for Pentester

Module 3: Windows for Pentester

Module 4: Kali Linux

Module 5: Scanning Port & Service in Comprehensive Mode

Module 6: Enumeration in Comprehensive Mode

Module 7: Web-Based Attack

Module 8: Manual and Automated Vulnerability Scanning

Module 9: Reverse Shell

Module 10: Vulnerability Exploitation

Module 11: Introduction to Overflows

Module 12: Windows Buffer Overflow

Module 13: Linux Buffer Overflow

Module 14: Netcat- swiss-knife in Comprehensive Mode

Module 15: Tunneling

Module 16: File Transfers

Module 17: Exploiting Container| CI | CMS

Module 18: Linux Privilege Escalation 

Module 19: Windows Privilege Escalation

Module 20: Solve Capture the Flag Challenges

Module 21: Learn CTF Designing 

Why choose this course?

  • It will allow you to be more proficient in ethical hacking owing to the hands-on training.
  • Suitable for freshers interested in ethical hacking as well as IT professionals looking to move ahead in their career in the cybersecurity field.
  • Doing the course will enable you to successfully participate in multiple CTFs thus opening the doors to various job opportunities.

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